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What is Employment?

Has anyone ever asked you what you want to be when you “grow up?” What you're passionate about and your goals for how you want to live should be what influences your choices for jobs and careers. Your strengths, interests and goals should play a major role in your career choice. This will keep you on the right path to explore which pathways are right for you.

Your transition team should help you learn the responsibilities of different jobs and what it takes to get them. You can participate in internships, paying jobs, and get mentored by people working in the job you want. It’s important to choose classes that match with your career goals and to learn skills for interviewing and working with others.


This training will help you answer the following questions:

  1. What opportunities have you had to explore what different jobs and careers are all about?
  2. What jobs or careers might match up with your strengths, goals, personality and needs?
  3. What skills have you learned that can help you get hired in the job that you want? What new skills do you want to learn for that job?
  4. Have you had an internship, paid job or spent time with a mentor who works in the job that you want after graduation?

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