Families & Allies

Hey parents, did you know you could be

an Adult Ally?

An adult ally can be a parent, teacher, mentor, counselor, community leader, or any adult who actively and genuinely listens to young people, respects their perspectives, and collaborates with them to make decisions regarding their success and happiness.

Actively Listen

Seek out opportunities to listen to young people and their voices.

Listen to Learn

Stay curious and open minded to better create genuine interest and relationship in a youth's life.

Learn from Youth

Make space for youth to create, share, and build their voices independently.

The Youth Experience

Curious how youth experience Transition Discoveries? Take the Discovery Journey and get an inside look!
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Discovery Journey
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Discovery Cards

for Adult Allies

Engage in meaningful conversation with your youth about their future plans. Click on a Discovery Card to get started!

Utilizing Discovery Cards Video

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Discovery Cards
Discovery Cards

Tips for Youth Engagement

“Develop a Youth-Friendly Culture”
"Provide Information in Youth-Friendly Ways”
“Include Youth Voice at Every Level”
“Partner with Youth-Serving Organizations”
“Build Relationships with Youth”
Visit RAISE website

Scavenger Hunt: Infographic Exploration

Infographic Exploration Scavenger Hunt (pdf)

Want to learn more about youth transition and how to be involved?

This activity will lead you through the Transition Discoveries Guidebook to identify key points and tips about navigating youth transition from teen to adult. Get a copy of the Transition Discoveries Infographic Guide below to get started.

Directions: Open the infographic guide provided. Following the scavenger hunt prompts below, explore your way toward the finish line! When you get to the final prompt, we recommend you share with someone what you learned!

A father helping his daughter with homework.

Connect with Youth​

Share this website with a youth so they can build their own vision board, create a personalized learning journey, and play fun games.
Share with Youth
An adult women on speaking on the phone and writing notes.

Connect with Professionals​

Share this website with a professional in your community so they can facilitate small online youth groups and download resources like lesson plans.
Share with a Professional