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Preparing for life after high school takes a lot of planning, goal setting, skill building...and let’s face it, hard work! Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone! We’re here to help you identify the areas you should focus on through our Transition Discoveries Framework.

Be empowered to take a leadership role to support your youth/young adult to prepare for their future!

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  • “He came to the realization that, ‘Okay, I’m an adult now. I have the ability to make those choices for myself.’ So he’s realizing as he goes along that he has a voice and his voice is being heard.”

    -Family of transition-age youth

  • “My favorite out of all the things I was able to do in high school was being a leader among a lot of the youth. We did orientations for all the freshmen that were coming in every year. And the first day of school, all the freshmen already knew my name and I was able to help them out throughout the whole thing. That was a big deal for me. That was the biggest highlight of my high school experience. Because it allows you to see and help everybody else with their problems and you would learn from people when you’re helping them.”

    -Transition-age youth

  • “The most important thing to me is to go to college and then graduate. From now and through college,I know I want a lot of stuff. I want to get my own place, get a car, and get married eventually, and have kids. I have a plan and great people with me who believe in me.”

    -Transition-age youth

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A mother and daughter picking grapes.

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Transition Discoveries provides youth, parents, adult allies, and professionals with transition tools, resources, and activities with youth voice at the center of it all!​