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The Transition Discoveries Team

Transition Discoveries is not your typical non-profit organization. We are a hub where like-minded people come together, thriving with a networked structure that moves away from traditional top-down models. As connectors, facilitators, and collaborators, we believe in the power of collective experience, understanding that collaboration from many minds produces outcomes greater than any one person. We foster a culture of co-creation, valuing every voice and perspective to enrich our shared vision. While we bring a wealth of experience, we don't label ourselves as "experts." Instead, we are lifelong learners, evolving to meet young people where they are, aiming not to lead but to walk alongside, empowering them to forge their unique paths!

There are four PILLARS or main things we care about:

  • Knowing Each Person: When thinking about the future it is important that all plans accurately reflect the youth’s personality, interest, experiences, and goals for the future. Every TD plan is personalized with vision boards and personalized plans and vision boards are all built by considering youth’s personalities, experiences, interests and goals for the future. 

  • Adult Allyship & Relationship Building: Our adult allies are critical throughout the process. They provide support, encouragement, and advocacy. They also engage youth in critical conversations and activities that drive self-awareness and empowerment. 

  • Youth Voice: We believe that youth deserve to be the drivers of their future, so everything we do prioritizes their voices, ideas, and experiences. Nothing about them without them. 

  • Doing What Works: We know what works. Everything we do is based on years of collecting data from youth, families, and community members based on their needs and what is most important to them. 

So, if you believe in teamwork and helping young people, come join us! We're all about making the world a better place together.



We have an amazing team, with shared values of TD. We believe in a youth-led, youth driven model of transition. Relationships and collaboration are the key to the success of building and expanding communities.


A group of GW scholars became part of our TD team during their internship. They worked rigorously with our team and gained research and collaboration experience. We want to thank you all for your contributions you made to the website. Your support and tenacity allowed us to provide a website with valuable resources to the community.


Video recordings were produced by individuals who are actively involved in the Transition Discovery initiative. These participants consist of individuals of all walks of life including young people, family members, and stakeholders from across the country. We would like to thank you for sharing your insight with current and future visitors of this site and our YouTube Channel.


Audio recordings were courtesy of participants who volunteered their time for the Transition Discovery initiative. These individuals consist of voices from young people, family members, or stakeholders from across the country. We would like to thank you for lending your voice to this project and for bringing to life the voices of the young people, stakeholders, and families of the Transition Discoveries initiative.

Our Partners

Our success depends on our growing web of partnerships between young people with disabilities, families and stakeholders working in schools, agencies and organizations throughout communities. Through the power of our partnerships, we work to support communities through resource development, data-driven community action planning and local leadership teams of young people with disabilities, families and stakeholders.
    Success After High School is a

    Team Effort

    We provide opportunities to build a network of connections built on strong community relationships. This foundation leads to collaboration where everyone plays an equal role in leadership to use data-driven community action planning to identify what’s working in their communities. Ready to link up with our growing network of community leaders?
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