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Transition Planning?

If you have an IEP (Individualized Education Program) and you’re in high school, then you should also have a transition plan and transition team to support you. Together, they help you decide what success after high school will look like for you, and how to make it happen!

Your team should help you set goals for work, getting more school or training and living independently after you graduate from high school. They should help you make a plan that includes classes, activities, programs and other opportunities that will help you reach these goals.


Things to Consider

  • How can you be a leader of your transition team and planning for your future?
  • What are your goals for work, more school and training or for how you’ll live after high school?
  • What are three new skills that you want to master so that you can reach your goals?
  • Which new experiences would you like to participate in so that you can reach your transition goals?
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Transition Planning

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Transition Planning

Click below to learn about all of the different things that you and your transition team can do to make your goals for life after high school a reality!
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