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Youth Development?

A big part of transition planning is making decisions about your life and how you want to accomplish your goals. But, sometimes it can be hard to figure out the best way to get all the things that we want and need.

If you understand your strengths, preferences, personality, disability and what you’re interested in, it’s a lot easier to set goals for your future and to ask others to help you reach them!


Things to Consider

  • What do you know about your strengths, personality, interests, preferences, needs or disability?
  • What are some strategies that you use to keep track of your responsibilities at school, work, home or in the community?
  • Have you had opportunities to practice being a leader? What did you learn about yourself and working with others?
  • Do you have adult mentors in your life who can help you take responsibility for planning your future?
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Youth Development

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Youth Development

Learn about all of the different things that you and your transition team can do to make your goals a reality!
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Disability Awareness

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Independent Living Skill Development

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Leadership Skill Development

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Helps you figure out which options for careers, education and living life after high school might match your strengths, personality, interests and needs.

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Self-Determination Skill Development

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Self-Management Skill Development

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