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Young people with disabilities, families and the stakeholders who support them make up a powerful network of relationships, knowledge and experience for what's working in transition. Through the power of collaboration, our initiative connects these networks into a detailed road map for success.

Here at the Transition Discoveries initiative we collaborate with communities to co-design opportunities for youth, families, and stakeholders to build on their knowledge, skills and relationships to prepare for life after high school. By doing this, everyone will be empowered to identify transition practices that work for them and design new approaches that help young people better reach their goals.

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  • Transition Discoveries creates and supports new and exciting opportunities for youth (ages 14-25) and their families to learn about making a successful transition from school to adult life.
  • Transition Discoveries connects young people with disabilities and families with peers and stakeholders so that they have opportunities to share their experiences and connect with opportunities to reach their dreams and goals after graduation.
  • Transition Discoveries empowers communities of young people, families and stakeholders to come together to identify what works and to implement community-wide action plans to improve transition practices, programs and outcomes for young people with disabilities.
Watch this video to learn more about our vision, mission, and strategies to fully engage communities of young people with disabilities, families and stakeholders in the TD action planning process to improve transition practices.
Transition Topics

We often hear the phrase “systems-change” when it comes to improving the lives of young people with disabilities. Here at the Transition Discoveries initiative we understand that “systems” are defined as the web of relationships between young people, families, and stakeholders. Together we can increase access to inclusive programs, services and opportunities for reaching goals for life after high school.

  • The primary focus of Transition Discoveries is to empower communities to share leadership and collaboration to plan for life after high school with young people with disabilities, their families, and stakeholders.
  • We’re certain that together we can use TD’s unique multi-step model of data-driven community action planning to uncover “what’s working” in transition.