Cross Agency Collaboration

In by Paige Haberkorn

What is Cross Agency Collaboration?

Pop question, does your transition team and transition plan only include things that you do with teachers, counselors and other school staff? Nope! It should always include professionals from organizations outside of your school - some of these are called “agencies”.

Your transition team should always help you make connections with professionals outside of school who can help you with your goals. Who can they be? You might work with professionals from outside of your school in order to learn job skills, academic skills and how to be independent at home and in the community.


This training will help you answer the following questions:

  1. Which professionals from outside of your school are supporting your goals for life after high school?
  2. Have you ever worked with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor? What did they help you accomplish?
  3. Who can you talk with to learn about colleges and training centers that match your goals?
  4. Have you ever gotten help from a professional who taught you about access to “public benefits” that can help you pay for your bills and expenses?

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