Story: Transition Fairs

In by Paige Haberkorn

Here's a Quick Story

“Having symposiums like my state representative just did. We had a huge symposium in March. He’s had it 2 years now, and he has pretty much every human service agency that can help youth with disabilities under one roof with exhibitor tables. There were panelists, people from agencies, people from OVR. You could walk through the exhibit hall and pretty much it was as if you looked from A to Z in the Allegheny County area of who provides human services, they were under that roof. They ran the gamut and then there were various presentations. There were some about Transition, there were some from OVR, there were some from Early Reach, there were some about bullying. They ran the gamut and it was really an opportunity for people to come and learn. There were parents and youth, there were professionals, there were teachers.”

Transition-age youth