Transition Fairs

In by Paige Haberkorn

What are transition fairs?

Events where you and your family learn about agencies and resources to help you plan and achieve your goals for life after high school. Transition councils and/or schools invite you and your family to the event, which could be regional, state, or national. Ideally, transition fairs include…

  • A team of school and agency personnel planning the event to meet the interests and needs of youth.
  • Inviting many different agencies, community groups, and colleges to share information.
  • A chance for you and your family to learn about work, continuing education, and planning for life after high school.
  • Resources you and your family can take home and study.
  • A chance to talk directly and make connections with school and agency personnel.

Transition fairs result in…

  • Trusting relationships between schools and agencies.
  • Helping schools and agencies use funding to support more transition events.
  • Learning about agency information and resources to support your plans for your future.