Community Agency Nights

In by Paige Haberkorn

What are community agency nights about employment?

Events where school staff and community agencies reach out to you and your family. They share information and resources that can help you plan for life after high school. Ideally, community agency nights about employment…

  • Feature youth who have transitioned from high school to work or post-secondary education. These youth are speakers and mentors.
  • Have many agencies present to share resources with you and your family.
  • Give time for you and your family to get to know about services and supports.

Community agency nights about employment result in…

  • You and your family learning about planning for life after school, along with supports that are available to help you.
  • Learning about topics of interest to you and your family.
  • Hearing other youth success stories.
  • Getting resources for you and your family.
  • Giving you a chance to practice skills to help you get a job (such as interviewing with business people).
  • Connecting with agencies and business people who can help you find work.