Transition Coordinating Councils

In by Paige Haberkorn

What are transition coordinating councils?

Local groups focused on helping you plan for life after high school. They meet regularly to share information and resources and to develop post-school opportunities. Ideally, transition coordinating councils…

  • Engage youth and families to participate.
  • Focus on supporting youth and families to transition to adult life.
  • Hold meetings regularly.
  • Are co-led by many people: people with disabilities, families, and professionals.
  • Feature guest speakers to help everyone learn.
  • Facilitate networking so that people can build trusting relationships.
  • Hold meetings that focus on youth.
  • Identify potential supports and services for transition.

Transition coordinating councils result in…

  • Identifying the needs of youth in a geographic area.
  • Learning from one another to improve transition services.
  • Developing effective transition practices to meet you and your family’s wants and needs.
  • Building awareness and partnerships with employers and the community.