Employment Expos

In by Paige Haberkorn

What are employment expos?

Events where local schools, community-based businesses, and agencies reach out to you and your family. They share employment information, resources, and opportunities to help you get ready for work. Ideally, employment expos include…

  • Planning by school and agency personnel focused on what youth want and need.
  • Business people.
  • Student presentations where you can learn from one another.
  • Young adults talking about their work experience since leaving high school.
  • Practicing job interviewing skills with business people.
  • Chances to learn about what bosses expect.
  • Learning about what jobs are available.

Employment expos result in…

  • Good partnerships with schools, agencies, and businesses.
  • Helping you to explore the business world.
  • Connecting you with businesses.
  • Giving you a chance to apply for and get a job.