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Making a Plan for Your Future: Transition Planning

If you have an IEP (Individualized Education Program) and you’re in high school, then you should also have a transition plan and transition team to support you. Together, they help you decide what success after high school will look like...
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Youth Development

A big part of transition planning is making decisions about your life and how you want to accomplish your goals. But, sometimes it can be hard to figure out the best way to get all the things that we want...
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Person and Family Directed Planning

Who’s in charge of your future? You are! When it comes to planning for life after high school, your transition team should make sure that you’re the leader of your IEP meetings. So, imagine you’ve made goals, now what?
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Family Engagement

Who’s part of your team for getting ready for success after high school? Well, it’s you (of course) but also your family, teachers, counselors and other professionals from outside of your school all working together.
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Your transition team should make sure that you have all the opportunities that you want and need to connect with other people, like friends, professionals who can support you and mentors who can guide you.
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Independent Living and Community Engagement

It’s your right to define what being independent means for you, including where and how you want to live! This is going to require some help from your transition team to explore options, make a plan and learn new skills...
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Cross Agency Collaboration

Your transition team and transition plan should always include professionals from organizations outside of your school - some of these are called “agencies”.
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Has anyone ever asked you what you want to be when you “grow up?” What you're passionate about and your goals for how you want to live should be what influences your choices for jobs and careers.
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Postsecondary Education

A lot of the time, the job that you might want will require extra education or training after you graduate high school. This can help you get a certification, credential or degree that makes you really competitive to get hired...