Person and Family Directed Planning

In by Paige Haberkorn

What is Person & Family-Directed Planning?

Who’s in charge of your future? You are! When it comes to planning for life after high school, your transition team should make sure that you’re the leader of your IEP meetings. So, imagine you’ve made goals, now what? Next, it’s all about learning experiences in and outside of school that you choose to help you build skills to reach them!

Your transition team should make sure that all decisions about your future are based upon your goals, strengths, interests, preferences, personality, needs and disability. Awesome, right? You also have the power to tell your transition team what things they need to do differently to get you toward your goals. Remember, as you grow and reach goals, you should have new goals and the programs you participate in should change so that you can make moves to the next steps you want to reach!


This training will help you answer the following questions:

  1. Have you presented on your goals, experiences or needs to your transition team?
  2. What decisions have you made about your goals for work, more education and training or living independently after high school?
  3. Have you told teachers and other adults on your transition team about how classes and opportunities could better support you and your goals?