Story: Self-Management Skill Development

In by Paige Haberkorn

Here's a Quick Story

“In some aspects, I get enough support at school. In others no. They have one special education teacher for grades 6 through 12. And she is on the fifth floor so that means it is somewhat difficult to always be able to go up and communicate with her. So it does come back to the time that you have to seek out help from a teacher. In my old school, they were willing to work with me a lot more and willing to set more realistic expectations. I don’t really like to rely on her so much. I mean she’s a very reliable person, she’s really nice, but I rely on myself because I know that once I get out into college the Special Ed teacher isn’t coming with me. I can tell a teacher,’ This is what I need. I need more time to do this.’ And if they don’t give me the extra time I will go to the Special Ed teacher. My mom is a wonderful advocate. When she found out about my dyslexia, she started reading all about it. She taught me everything about it.“

Transition-age youth