Story: Pre-College Experience Programs

In by Paige Haberkorn

Here's a Quick Story

“One of the things I did with the support of my mom was to attend a college program at the University at Penn last year. It was free for me to attend, because a grant paid for it. What they did was they matched me up with a grad student and we went down there, I think it was five Saturdays. And they were down there the whole day, it was like 10-4. And they did different things on campus to look at what different jobs are available. They went in to the city down to Reading Terminal, we learned how to use transportation. I had to do this with the Penn student not with my mom or dad. And I wondered, ‘Oh my gosh, how nice would that be if this grant, if there’s more of them, that more local schools like more local colleges who might have these programs. ”

Transition-age youth