Pre-College Experience Programs

In by Paige Haberkorn

What are pre-college experience programs?

Courses taken on college campuses during high school. You learn about what is expected to succeed in college and to see if college is right for you. Ideally, pre-college experience programs include…

  • Building school teams to help match you to a program that is right for you and based upon your goals.
  • Having a team that supports your learning and educational experience. The team could include universities, high schools, and agencies like vocational rehabilitation.
  • Courses to help you learn to make decisions, manage yourself, stand up for yourself, and ask for the supports you need.

Pre-college experience programs result in…

  • Helping you learn about the demands of college so that you can develop good organizational habits such as planning and studying.
  • Learning about education requirements after high school.
  • Developing skills to be independent and get along with others.
  • Giving you, your family, and your team information to help you prepare for college.
  • Learning how to request and use supports to succeed in education after high school.