Story: College-Based Transition Programs

In by Paige Haberkorn

Here's a Quick Story

“There’s a program at West Chester University called Aspire. It’s a two-week program where the youth actually live in the dorms for two weeks. And my son loved it. And it doesn’t cost that much. And they do get subsidized. He did stay there for two weeks; I didn’t get any phone calls with an issue. First time in his life. And he loved it. He had a roommate. I think he just liked being with kids his own age, being accepted, he went to the gym a couple times, they took him to the gym, he ate with everybody, he liked eating in the lunch room with everybody, where everybody eats in the dorms. These experiences, I think that any experience where they have to go out in the community and navigate with somebody other than mom or dad is huge. And peace of mind that they’re in a safe place.”

Transition-age youth