Story: Postsecondary Education Programs

In by Paige Haberkorn

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“And one of our programs that we have is for students ages 18 to 21 at the community college, and many of them are transitioning into college classes with needed support. You know, it’s individualized according to their post-secondary needs or their goals, but there’s many opportunities for them to go on campus and participate with many of the things on campus. And there’s a game room after lunch, a lot of the college students will interact with our students; it’s wonderful to see the progress that they make with their social skills. We also have community-based vocational training. We have approximately 25 businesses within the community that provide opportunities for our students. And they gain the soft skills in interacting with the business people, peers that they’re working with as well as the mentors. So, that I think, and also education. Reaching out into the community and educating others about persons with disabilities so that fear and that barrier is dropped.”

Transition-age youth