Story: Faith-Based Experiences

In by Paige Haberkorn

Here's a Quick Story

“The Friendship Circle is an inclusive group that’s run primarily by the Jewish community. They have all sorts of social programming and it really brings in peers and individuals with various disabilities. You can pick and choose the programs you want to attend. And it’s to this point been free and they have like a bowling league on Sundays. Most of it is on Sundays, some of them are Wednesday nights. It might provide an opportunity for your child to connect with other people. And so the activities are all geared to be welcoming to everyone and there’s no pressure and it’s an easy place for my son to go because he doesn’t feel pressured to perform. If he doesn’t want to, that’s okay. If he wants to, that’s great. It’s always about the person and I think that’s what makes it a wonderful organization to be involved in.”

Transition-age youth