Story: Postsecondary and College Planning

In by Paige Haberkorn

Here's a Quick Story

“Ultimately I’d like to go to a school for vocal performance. I can’t apply until next year but I started to take courses I need. I’ve sang in three credit choirs and then just my regular concert choir. College is extremely competitive there and they have about a six-person acceptance rate so you definitely have to prepare ahead of time. You have to keep your grades up. After getting into college you have to keep your grades up, take your teaching and internship seriously and then when you’re finished with that you start a career. In most cases, you would start in the chorus of an opera company, then you stay there for about three to four years then you get moved up into a soloist position and you usually stay there for about one to two years and then after that you get moved up into a principal position through a signed contract.”

Transition-age youth